Bird Productions is a video production company. We develop a range of video projects such as feature films, direct to TV and commercials. It is our goal to deliver top quality projects to the worldwide market, produced at a high level of quality and at a cost that insures profits and instills a sense of pride.

With a Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration and a Associates degree in Multi-Media, Eric Torres joined the working world as a producer of corporate films and commercials; eventually working on a number of independent films as a Movie Producer. Apprenticing and learning the many duties of film productions and gaining the needed skills and tricks of the trade that allow projects to succeed, Torres went on to form Bird Productions and started producing feature films.

Eric went into partnership with another Arizona film company and the two firms started production on “The Last Gun Fighter”. As co-producer Torres managed all personnel and organizational tasks for the production. When The Last Gun Fighter entered post production, he and his team began production on “Vampire Slayers”.

Production started on “Vampire Slayers”, a film that included extravagant stunt work, pyrotechnics and specials effects. Later that year, with principle photography completed on “Vampire Slayers”, Torres and his company Bird Productions Inc. began work on the independent feature film entitled “The Hoax…”.

Managing finances, casting, location selection, and a host of other duties during the production of “The Hoax…” Eric Torres also managed to serve as the Line Producer. Producing in association with Stoney Creek Productions, “The Hoax…” was released to world wide distribution and is now available on Amazon.

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The Hoax – Feature Film

In charge of all overall film production including casting, financial accounting, location scouting and brand management.

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Vampire Slayers – Feature Film

In charge of all overall film production including casting, creative theming, location scouting and stunts.

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The Last Gun Fighter – Feature Film

In charge of all overall film production including casting, location scouting and brand management.

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Brian Bozick, President of Stoney Creek Productions and writing as Walker O’Brien, has written the screenplay for The Hoax… and many other screenplays. He has also published three novels and and has prepared six films to be produced in a co-production effort between Bird Productions and Stoney Creek Productions. In addition to  writing, Brian is an actor ( featured in The Hoax…) a producer and director.