Inspired by the Phoenix Lights Phenomenon

A psychiatrist’s wife is gunned down by her husband’s crazed patient outside a fine restaurant. In his efforts to debunk the delusions that drove his patient’s violent attack, Dr. David Lake encounters and reveals more than meets the eye.

Alien abductions, serial hit-and-run murders, missing persons and horrors committed by unknown creatures bring this story into focus, but it is the twisted ending that you won’t see coming nor soon forget. Inspired by the real events of the “Phoenix Lights”, this story will have you wondering about what might happen when you go to bed tonight.

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In March of 1997, the City of Phoenix, Arizona experienced a series of unexplained aerial phenomenon, that later become known as “The Phoenix Lights.”

In 2005, in association with Bird Productions, Stoney Creek Productions produced the feature film The Hoax… The film is a psychological thriller that explores the concept of alien abduction and murder near the time of the Phoenix Lights phenomenon. Using a limited budget and largely unknown actors, the film attempts to present a quality of realism while allowing for high quality production standards. Shot in High Definition and using locations in and around Phoenix, the film offers a glimpse into the world of extra-terrestrial speculation, and adds a jolt of suspense and a surprise twist at the end. It is available in world-wide distribution.