Headhunter’s Curse – Written by Walker O’Brien

Budget – $1,500,000

Thomas Pinn spent much of his professional life researching the history and traditions of the Jivaros tribe of Central America. This infamous tribe of headhunters have long been know for their vicious and bloodthirsty traditions, but Pinn wanted to know what motivated this ruthless group to become the most dreaded natives in all of the Americas. He found out.

Pursuing his theory, Pinn discovers the secret of these headhunters and what makes them tic. But, when he passes his findings on to those who will follow in his footsteps, he pries open a “Pandora’s Box” of trouble and horror.

The Head Hunter’s Cave is filled with mystery and terror borne from an unknown presence that devours brains and conquers all who enter it. Only the protection granted by an ancient tradition will protect those who enter the Head Hunter’s Cave and only the few who honor the tradition will have any chance of survival.

When a contemporary group of graduate students, on an extra credit assignment, locate a cave in which two of their companions may be lost, the ensuing search leads this unfortunate class into the Headhunter’s Cave. Neither students nor professors are safe from the force that controls the world inside the cave and soon the only thing that matters is survival.

This is no time to lose your head, but you may not be the one who decides that. The Head Hunter’s Cave beckons you to enter, if you dare.