Skidmarks – Written by Walker O’Brien

Budget – $1,600,000

Skidmarks is a popular hangout for the affluent, mid-life crisis prone, over achievers of North Scottsdale, Arizona.

Rolex riders, doctors, lawyers, business executives, and those with a bit of extra cash are tricking out their Harleys and showing off at the area’s popular “biker bar”, Skidmarks… but only on the weekends. Work pulls most of these baby boomers away during the week, leaving the bar to an entirely different clientele.

When Paul joins the trend, buys his bike and feels the need for speed and the open road, his wife Cindy is not enthusiastic. But, when she meets a few professional women at a party and discovers that they ride, she decides to give it a try…without telling Paul.

In short order, Cindy finds herself deeply entangled in a web of political intrigue, bank robberies, and, most sinister of all, a group of Vampires.

Skidmarks has a dual identity and only a few know it. That is, of course until Paul falls victim to the seductive promise of one the biker beauties and all hell breaks loose. The FBI is in the hunt, and lives are on the line, but it will take more than garlic and sunlight to stop these blood suckers. Welcome to Skidmarks.